Buttocks Augmentation

In The Plastic Surgery Center, we offer a wide selection of buttock implants tailored to meet the desires of any individual, while reducing the size and visibility of scars. The correct buttock implants technique still depends on the individual anatomy. Buttock enlargement or buttock augmentation allows men and women with flat or poorly developed buttocks to enhance and shape the area to their liking. While many women will increase the size of their breasts, they find there is an imbalance between the front and the back and wish to contour their buttocks to fit their body size and shape. Many patients who come to us are frustrated that no amount of and exercise will shape their rears the way they desire. Now, buttocks augmentation is helping these men and women solve this once impossible problem!

Our patients say their clothes fit better, they feel sexier, and their confidence levels are greatly improved with a fuller, shaped derriere. Although Gluteoplasty has been around for many years it has not gained popularity in the United States until recently.with the Jennifer Lopez syndrom. Therefore, only a handful of surgeons are offering this body contouring procedure. The glutei implants are used to improve the contour of the buttock, obviating the need for padded panties. The operation is fairly straightforward, a single well-hidden scar is placed strategically so that not even your closest friends can find, and through this the implant that is made of silicone is placed in the buttock area to improve size, shape and contour.

Unlike the silicone breast implants which are made of a silicone gel, the buttock implant is made out of solid silicone, and so it cannot rupture or leak. The augmented buttock has a firm but natural feel almost as if you had been working out vigorously for many years. It does not affect your sitting since the implant is placed in an area that is well away from the bony aspect of your buttock that you actually use to sit on.

Your new look.

You will need to wear a garment for about 2-3 weeks. This will provide support and help with the skin re-draping especially if liposuction was performed. At first you will notice a definite difference in the gluteus contour, but since you are swollen the buttock will appear very full, and will have a boxy appearance. You may also notice the implants are quite high on the buttock. This is all normal; you must remember that you are swollen. It will take at least 3 months for all the swelling to subside and for the implants to settle into their normal position. You may experience occasional temperature changes, and numbness over the buttock area, this also will improve over the next three months. You may feel a little timed and scared when sitting down, but remember the implant is much higher on the buttock than were you sit, so don't worry. Dr. Gharios has had an interest in total body contouring which has lead him to make an in-depth study of the subject, and train under the pioneers of this technique, acquiring the knowledge and experience to be able to offer this new advancement to many women or men that could benefit from this surgical procedure. The operation can be done under general, spinal, IV sedation or epidural block.