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Hi Doctor,
Greetings from Kuwait. I just wanted to let you know that it has been
2 years since we met. I am doing great, feeling great, looking great.
Thanks again for great service.
I am writing to thank all of you at The Plastic Surgery Center for making everything go so well when I was in Lebanon. I was made to feel very welcome by you all and the surgery and the follow up care went like a dream. I am now very proud of my new breast and all my friends think they're great!. The consulting and operating/recovery rooms are top notch and you.
Regards from Australia.
Mrs Khalifa, UAE
I hope you are all well, Im fine here. All healing well, my boobs look great and there is a huge improvement in my eyes (I dont look asleep anymore and some friends asked me if I had a facelift!).
Hi! Dr Gharios,
I had my breast augmentation last June. I just wanted to tell you that they look great! Thanks! I am thinking to have my ears done in May 2007.
Dear Dr Gharios,
Tomorrow will be exactly 3 weeks after my operation, and it is really unbelievable how well I am doing. I have no pain, I sleep on my chest, and my breasts look great! The scar looks great (can’t believe it!). Thank you for looking after me so well and for doing what you do best! I think I only had pain for the first 3 days, after that I can’t even remember how it felt. It is wonderfull to be back home, and I now have so much confidence.
Regards from Belgium.

Mrs Nahed-Lebanon
Again I am EXTREMELY happy with my Breast Enlargement and it is the best money I have EVER spent.
Thanks a lot.
Hi from USA,
Thanks for getting back to me.... All is good, again thanks.... as my BREASTS are the best investment and decision I have EVER made.... Thank you and your team for all their support... See you next time I am in Lebanon.
Dr Gharios,
I am really happy with my results and all my friends are impressed and slightly jealous!! so thanks again to all of you.
Regards from Cyprus.
Hi Dr Elie,
I am really well and everything is great, I am so happy , you did a marvelous job. I am thrilled with them. I think you will be getting some referrals as everyone here is very impressed.
Best wishes from Greece.
Dear Doctor,
Thank you for my breast reduction done in april 2004 and also liposuction on my thighs. I have to say you were excellant and you turned my life around. I went to the doctor soon after i got home and he said you done a brillant job (which i knew anyway) i have hardly any scaring which leaves me to ask you a question when could you fit me in for a nose job?
Warmest regards. Georges, Sweden.
Dear Dr Gharios,
Wanting to thank you for your friendly, professional manner when dealing with me, I am a very happy woman!! My nose is great.
Mrs Daad. Oman.
Hi Dr,
It has been a while, but maybe you still remember who I am (I do!). I just e-mail you to let you know that I'm very happy with the results of my operation (ear and breasts). You've all been so friendly, and our stay in lebanon has been very pleasant. I'm starting to feel much more confident. I think I will return to Beirut this December so I can visit you.
Regards. Darien, Cyprus.
I will never regret having the augmentation done - it has changed my life completely. I have so much more confidence and I just LOVE being able to wear any dress I want.
You were a great surgeon and I wish you all the best for the future - may all your patients be as happy as I am!
Cherine, Egypt
Hi there Dr Gharios,
Hope you are well and that the New Year brings you happiness and success.
I am still so very happy with my lovely "new” nose, I marvel every day at the great job you did! Thank you once again!!!!
See you soon, Lydia, Spain.
Dear Dr Gharios,
Your staff at the Plastic Surgery Center was so kind and caring towards me - please pass on my sincerest thanks and appreciation to them all.
Vanessa, Morocco.

I have only the highest praise for you and your staff - you really took the time to put me at ease and answer all my questions openly and honestly. I would highly recommend you if anyone should ever ask!
Tina, Spain.

I would also be more than happy to speak to anyone who wants to hear first hand what the operation and recovery was like.
Thanks again - you have made such a difference to my life!
Warmest Regards, Michelle, France.
Hi Dr Gharios,
You probably won't remember me, but I will NEVER forget you. You performed a tummy tuck and breast augmentation on me last year in November. It has been exactly one year since the operation and I cannot tell you how happy I am with the results. I have had endless compliments and my self esteem has improved tremendously, thanks to you.
Kind Regards and thanks again.
Dear Dr Gharios,
I had liposuction and it is the best thing I have ever done, I dont have a big tummy and can even wear a bikini at 51.
Regards. Reine, Lebanon.
I'm doing very well and seem to have lost weight/centimetres (whatever it is I don't care!) since being back in the UK and my clothes are feeling so much better on me - I feel great!
A big thank you to you and your staff once again.
I must tell you that my friends have all told me I have lost some weight...if only they knew!! My uniforms are now loose whereas before they were tight-fitting. I cannot believe what you have done. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS! Beverly, UK.
I’m most pleased with the results of the upper blephs op. My eyes are
symmetrical and natural looking, and I don’t look so tired anymore. I can
really feel and see the change, and love the way my eyes shine, especially
since my make-up shows more. And the incision line is barely visible – it’s
amazing. I can’t tell you how chuffed I am.
Best wishes for a successful and happy 2006. Rebecca, Sweden.
Lips looking fab! They are back to normal and look natural but slightly fuller. Very comfortable and not lumpy at all. Looking forward to the next round....
Roula, Syria.
It is nearly 5 years (December 2008) since you did my face-lift & I am still
very pleased with the results.
Delia, Kuwait.
Just want to say thanks for doing a sterling job on my ears.
I was really freaked out about the whole idea of it when I was coming
in for it, but you and the ladies did a great job. It was the most
painless 'operation' i've ever had.
And i'm very impressed by the way you managed to fix the shape of my
left ear too. It looks like a normal one now, very happy.
Results are brilliant. can't believe the difference . thank you so much
Lisa , UAE
Thanks once again, you've made a beautiful difference in my life!"

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